Difference Between Test Optional, Flexible, and Blind

Explaining the difference between colleges that are Test Optional, Test Flexible, or Test Blind

Test Optional

Generally in this case, students are not required to submit their SAT/ACT scores during their college application process. In this scenario, colleges prioritize one’s high school GPA, recommendation letters, and extracurricular activities. “Test-Optional” means that Colleges value your accomplishments and grades much more than the SAT or ACT.

Test Flexible

At a “Test-Flexible” school, students are still required to submit standardized test scores, they just do not have to submit SAT or ACT scores. Instead of these scores, students may submit many different scores including AP exams, Subject tests, or even the PSAT. Two examples include Wake Forest University and New York University.

Test Blind

Unlike “Test Required”, “Test Blind” means that students are not required to submit any SAT/ACT scores at all. These scores will not be considered during the college application process. Hampshire College is a great example of a College that follows this process.

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